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Dr Jim from beds melbourne is not your average Chiropractor. He has a passion and inspiration for sleep, wellness and helping patients. Healthy sleep is the quality of sleep that occurs when our body is relaxed and aligned. The surface we sleep on, our mattress and pillow will directly influence the quality of our sleep and wellbeing as well as the short & long term wellness of our spine.


Jim realised the significance of sleep to life and health. Designed to heal and rejuvenate our mind and physical body, it is an 8 hourly nightly experience that takes up a third of our life. That is 27 years in an 81 years olds life!


Driven by a passion to educate and help every person experience better sleep, with real expert advice, Jim spent 5 years researching the big bedding giants and in 2011 created his own brand.


At beds melbourne, we believe sleep is essential to life and vital to our health. Designed to heal and rejuvenate our mind and physical body, we know at beds melbourne that an 8 hourly nightly experience takes up a third of our life. That is 27 years in an 81 years olds life!


We are excited to announce our unique and innovative system, at beds melbourne where your bedding and sleep issues are intergrated it into you health program.  For the first time in mattress history, exclusive to chiropractors only through beds melbourne, 'Spinal health care experts', a prescreptive approach to for fit clients for the correct orthopaedic sleep system (mattress and/or pillow). No different to a podiatrist fitting and prescribing an orthotic or a gym instructor precribing exercises.

Our Mission at Beds Melbourne

So how did you get started?

We love sleep and spines

We are a small team of unique individuals with our head office based out of Port Melbourne. That’s right, our founder Dr. Jim Skivalidas, a Chiropractor and the rest of the guys and girls are real people, with an amazing vision. Like most Aussies, we love our sport, our mates and a fair go. We’re proud to be 100% Australian owned and run.

We started The Bedding Clinic, in the vision of one of Melbourne’s leading holistic chiropractors, Dr Jim Skivalidas. After years of hearing patients’ complaints about poor sleep and their horror stories and going around the mattress retail industry, Dr Skivalidas decided to learn about the world of mattresses and pillows. His vision was to create a sleep wellness hub where everyday people had access to genuine information and advice, and could trust the quality of the products and knowledge provided.


We thought that it was time for a better, fairer way. The big boys have had it their way for ages, and now it’s time for someone who loves backs, spines and beds, to test and recommend you the right mattres.


In 2008, after four years of research and development of the The Bedding Clinic - Chiropractic product range in his own clinic, Dr Skivalidas enlisted the help of fellow chiropractors and leading industry manufacturer’s, to test and evaluate the range of bbedding clinic chiropractic mattresses, pillows and sleeping aids.


After several years of developing and growing our product range in-line with technology developments and our unique service offering, the first independent bedding clinic showroom was opened in 2011.  Fast forward to the present, we have custom built our head office and company owned showroom in Port Melnbourne, Victoria and continually developing and expanding on our exclusive range of products. At back to sleep, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, expert advice and providing a level of service that exceeds expectations.


Please feel free to contact us or book in with one of our dedicated product specialists to discuss your sleep support needs.

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Book Your Free Mattress Selection Service - Sleep Test

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